About me

brett hickman

Grace and beauty are all around us. Just look out of your window. See the beautiful light filtering through the trees, the gorgeous sky, the heavy dew weighing down a new seedling. Better yet, take a look at the person holding your hand. These are the things that make me feel amazing. These are the things that inspire me and my photography.

I am a wedding photographer. I don’t take photos of couples as they look. I capture them as they feel.


As a young boy, I would often strap my father’s cameras to my two-wheeler and pedal down busy streets and through the occasional creek bed to capture what I thought would be the coolest images ever. Not always the case. This, plus many more years of adventures with camera in hand, was just the beginning of my love affair with photography.

I was schooled at San Francisco State University, and later mentored by the most brilliant photographers in the industry. The haunting beauty of the San Francisco Bay and travels to other interesting places abroad brought a new perspective to my craft, and when I married my lovely wife Adriana I found my calling – to capture people and the powerful, authentic and timeless emotion that can only be experienced on their wedding day.

For the last 9 years, I have photographed these moments for countless happy couples here in California, seasonally in the mountains, Hawaii, New York and in various locations around the world. It is my mission to capture the essence of every couple that finds themselves on the other side of my lens – to tell a love story that’s as unique as their relationship but in the form of images that last forever.

From our first meeting with Brett we could tell he truly loves photography and has an amazing way of making you feel so comfortable during our photos.

My family

My wife Adriana and I have two wonderful toddlers keeping our hearts full, and thoroughly busy. Hannah is three and Grayson is two. We are beyond excited to share with them our passion for the outdoors, functional fitness, great movies, photography and of course our German Shepard named Winston.

I can only expect that in several years, I will be finding my own cameras strapped to my children’s little tricycles.