Corey and Rayne | Engaged in San Clemente California





Dana-Isaac Somsel -

I love them all!

Tricia Williams -


Lee Lavery -

rayne’s uncle in Ohio loves your work.

Cory McCune -

Awesome work Brett! I really dig your night shots…and how you pull the color from the skies!

Heather Braunwalder -

I got chills with each one! They are beautiful :)

Camila Robison -


Katie McIntyre -

These are beautiful!

Robyn Lilien -

These photos are beautiful! What a truly gorgeous family!

Kelly Rae Roemer -

Love it!

Brett Hickman Photography -

Hey Cory! Just saw this! Thanks so much man! I was excited when I saw these night shots too. I am looking for a reason to go play with some light at night again!

Brett Hickman Photography -

Thanks Tricia! :-)

Brett Hickman Photography -

Hi Lee! Thanks so much for the comment! I really appreciate it! And great to hear it reached you all the way over in Ohio! :-)

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